Go Cheaply and Go Broke

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Cheap Computer Repair Doesn’t Pay Tucson!


Cheap computer repair is not always cheaper.  Computer stores can make it seem like their computer repairs are a rock bottom deal, but often a so called computer “deal” turns out to be a nightmare. With fine print everywhere and computer tech language that does not make sense to mmost consumers, it is easy for those looking for affordable Tucson computer repair to get ripped off instead. Here are some hidden factors to consider:

1)  Is your computer repair an actual repair or a temporary fix?

Many companies will cut corners to save time and it may seem that the computer is fixed, when in fact they have only temporarily stopped the symptoms of the computer issue from showing up.  

2)  How much time will you have to invest doing computer cleanup?

So the computer store down the street told you that your computer is fixed when what they really mean is that they ran a restore program that erased and re-installed the operating system.  Now you have to spend hours and days getting your computer back to the way it should be.

3)  Can you trust the local computer store?

Customers have often wondered exactly what happens to their computers when they leave them in the hands of the local computer store.  Not only have computer stores been in the news for stealing sensitive data, they may in fact give you a computer back that isn’t how you left it with them.

4)  What if something goes wrong?

With many computer repair techs working out of their homes or cars these days, it is sometimes impossible to get a computer repair dispute resolved after becoming a victim.  Without insurance to cover liability, no actual business license, and often a lack of real computer repair training, a fly by night computer repair tech is often hard to find when something goes wrong.

We at Xcentech Computers hope that you will think twice about that $99 computer or the kid down the street.  Be careful who you trust and bring your computer to us!
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