Merlin? I prefer Sherlock Holmes

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Merlin? I prefer Sherlock Holmes


Computer repair is not magic by any means, though it may seem so to the average Tucson computer user. In fact, the numerous software tools that assist computer users with virus removal, registry cleaning, Windows repair, and data backup are often not difficult to understand or use. The key that sets a true computer professional apart from the average user is merely the ability to sift through all of the ineffective software programs and find out the true cause of a computer issue. It is unfortunate that, too often, computer stores and computer professionals go with the solution that causes them the least amount of work. These computer stores may claim that they have chosen the most cost effective solution for the customer, when in fact they have moved the majority of the computer repair process right back to the very customers they claim to be serving!

It is important to remember that every cause has an effect. In the world of computer repair, this means that the time spent by a tech is directly proportional to the amount of time that the customer will have to spend to get back to the place before the computer issue occurred. If a computer store merely “repairs” an issue by re-installing a clean copy of an operating system and then leaves a pile of data for the customer to sift through, then it can be said that the relatively small amount of time that was spent by the computer store will be made up by the massive amount of time that the customer will spend moving their data back to the folders where it used to be, re-installing all software programs, and setting up devices.

Thankfully, Tucson has a better option! At Xcentech Computers, we have been trained to identify the root cause of the most common computer issues and act not only to “fix” the issue, but rather to ensure that our Tucson customers do not end up spending any more time than absolutely necessary to get their computers back to normal. Check out our Computer Services to find out how we can help save you both money AND time.

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