More for Less?!? Tucson Deserves Better!

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The sky is falling!

Well ok, it’s actually the economy and wages that are falling. With everyone having less money, bargains must be everywhere, right? Wrong.

Playing With Your Money-

If you look around, you’ll notice a lot of sneaky things going on with prices and products or services in Tucson.

The local burger joint removes a piece of cheese and sells the burger for the same price with a sexier name. Your phone provider is “nice enough” to keep your cell phone insurance premium the same while DOUBLING your deductable in the event of a claim! And finally, shops all over start charging for the use of credit cards when they never did before!

We’re Different-

At Xcentech, we are happy to say that we have only raised our computer support rates ONCE (Q1 2008) in the last five years to bring us up to industry standard pricing. Though our trip charge rate can fluctuate, and we may charge more as we add more services, we are still one of the most affordable computer repair companies in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona.

We never charge a fee to use credit cards and we accept the four major cards!

Xcentech Accepts All Major Credit Cards!

Get Tucson Computer Repair NOW!

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