The following fees apply to Bench Repair Services for Drop-Off Repairs as of January 2018 but may change any time and without notice.

Default Bench Rate

STANDARD TROUBLESHOOTING RATE: $70/hr, 1hr Minimum Charge.

***This is the default rate that will be charged for services that do not fit any of the flat rate services listed below.***

General Services

Virus Removal: $70
Operating System Install: $85
Tune-Up: $70

Data Transfer

Data Backup and Transfer (up to 2TB): $70
Drive Clone (up to 1TB): $70

***NOTE: Data transfers will occur to a storage device of the client’s choosing. Clients can either bring a storage device at the time of service, or they must purchase one from us before we do the transfer.***

Desktop Fees

Diagnostic Fee: $45 NON-REFUNDABLE
Hardware Install & Config(per Item): $45

Laptop Fees

Minimum Laptop Labor Rate:  $75

Standard Laptop Repair:  $150 plus parts

$75 to disassemble and diagnose EVEN IF WE CANNOT FIX. (NON-REFUNDABLE)*
$75 plus parts to complete the repair
*NOTE: If customer agrees to repair, the diagnostic fee is applied to this amount.

Unique Laptop Repairs:

-Laptop Screen Installation (Touch Screens Extra):  $75
-Laptop Keyboard/Touchpad Installation:  $45-$75 depending on level of disassembly