Speed Up Your Computers, Tucson!


Your computer is slow. Let us clean out the junk and make it fast again!

Xcentech’s tune-up services privide the following:

    • Assessment of current performance, including memory & hard drive space
    • Clean out temp files and other junk files to increase space
    • Removal of commonly unnecessary startup programs to speed up boot
    • Defragmentation of hard drive data to speed up everyday computing
    • Full Virus Scan Using Our Software, including built-in cleaning
    • Removal of commonly unnecessary or harmful browser add-ons
    • Full diagnostics to check for failing hardware components
    • Verify anti-virus updates and install AVG Anti-Virus if necessary
    • Download and install ALL critical Windows Updates
    • Safe compressed air dusting of inside of case (desktop only!)

***Does not include the removal of any viruses or rootkits that must be removed manually. If hardware diagnostics detects failing hardware, the cost of the hardware and labor to install that hardware is not included. Other restrictions may apply.***

Web Special during FALL 2014:

It’s time for fall computer cleaning Tucson! Don’t forget that the dust in your computers needs to be cleaned regularly. Let Xcentech help your computer breathe again and make sure you don’t have to deal with a broken computer during the holidays!

$129 and a FREE Can of Air!

(Regular $149 without can of air)

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