The Best Advice We Never Take

Don’t think you’ll ever lose data? REMEMBER: Computer’s don’t care about Karma.

Do you currently have a recent backup? If not, why not? Even though we all know that we should backup our data, statistics show time and time again that most people do not. We can tell you all of the backup statistics in the world, but nothing is as potent as the memory we all have of losing important files because we didn’t backup. We’ve heard all the excuses and we’ve even used a few ourselves. Now it’s time to make backup a part of your life.

Common reasons for lacking a backup

  • Don’t have time
  • It’s Complicated!
  • I Will…Someday.
  • I’m Careful
  • My Computer Hasn’t EVER Crashed

Common Data Lost

  • All Those Baby Pictures
  • Contacts For The Last 10 Years
  • Tax Returns
  • Your Quickbooks File
  • That Sales Report for Your Boss
  • 7 Years of Music Downloads
  • That Cute Poem Your Grandson Wrote
  • The Term Paper That’s Due Tomorrow

Whether you have a few files or a computer full of customer information, we can help! Our backup services are easy enough for even the most novice of users, yet flexible enough to handle the needs of security conscious companies with servers full of data.

Let us custom tailor a backup solution for your home or business today!

Still not convinced? We’ll give you a 5% discount off the first month if you’ve ever lost data. Tell the truth…

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