Some Cheese With That Whine?

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An Ode to the Eternally Unhappy

We at Xcentech have always prided ourselves on striving to give our customers the very best computing experience at an affordable price. We have several different discounts and are always running one promotion or another. When something goes wrong with a repair as it always does in the world of computer repair, we do our very best to make it right by our customers. Furthermore, we have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau and have countless repeat customers and referrals. Despite all this, there are always those computer repair customers that complain about our store prices even after a heavily discounted repair.

We have learned with years of experience dealing with customers of all types that sometimes it just doesn’t pay to deal with some customers at all. Unfortunately there are those that treat computer repair differently than any other repair and never give us the respect we deserve as professionals. So your car breaks down and costs $1200 to repair? Well, cars are complicated, right? The washer breaks and a $300 repair bill is paid without question. But, a computer breaks and suddenly that should take less than a day to fix and cost no more than $50? Enough must inevitably be enough.

We have had the pleasure of helping numerous business and residential clients with all aspects of computer repair and technical consulting over our six wonderful years of business and the majority of them were delightful and thankful. A handful of bad apples are what this venting session are truly about. We are tired of attempting to make certain unhappy individuals happy and there is only so much we can discount repairs before it doesn’t make sense. So to those customers in Tucson that think that they can bully Xcentech or any reputable Tucson computer store into giving you something for nothing, I only have one piece of advice. Go elsewhere.

To our wonderful customers who understand the value we bring to the Tucson computer repair landscape, be sure to Contact Us anytime.

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