The Truth Shall Save You Money!

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The Truth Shall Save You Money?


In many ways a good computer tech is like an interpreter. Many times customers give us little to no information about the problem they are having and even less about exactly what they were doing at the time the issue started. The information we do get must be filtered from the explanation of the customer into the technobabble that will actually help us solve the problem. Thankfully, any computer repair tech worthy of the title understands that this is a necessary and unavoidable part of the process. Unfortunately little white lies on the part of the customer don’t help us solve the issue and definitely don’t save anyone money.

Lies you say? What lies? Well, ok. Perhaps the word lie is a little harsh. Speaking from experience however, I can say that all too often, computer repair professionals get less than the complete story about how an issue started. There is definitely nothing that fries a technicians circuits more than dedicating time to solving an issue that “just started all of a sudden” after which “nothing was changed,” only to find out that in fact the user did have a friend open the computer case to take a look around. Or how about customers blaming the anti-virus software that we recommended for the damage caused by a horrible virus, only to find out that they did in fact click on a link from a Nigerian prince last week and tried to clean it up by installing the helpful anti-virus software from the popup that just happened to show up right at the time of infection!

After the frustration on the part of both parties comes everyone’s favorite part…the bill. The computer repair tech wants to get paid for all the time spent trying to help the customer, although reputable computer repair technicians will never come anywhere close to billing for actual time spent. Meanwhile, the customer feels that there is no way they should have to deal with a virus AND a bill that high all during the same week! Wait a second. Wouldn’t the mechanic charge you for diagnostics and shop time attempting to pinpoint the cause of an issue, only to find out that you actually tried to use cooking oil in your engine to see if it would work better? Concessions are always made on both sides and in most cases the computer store and the frustrated customer come to an agreement. The bottom line is that it never ends as well as it could have if the truth were brought along for the ride.

So I say good citizens of Tucson, on behalf of all my computer repair brethren now losing their hair and popping blood pressure pills like candy, please please PLEASE do your very best to tell us what we need to know! We really want to address your computer repair needs and we want to see you happy. And never forget: We’re computer technicians and we ALWAYS find out one way or the other. It’s usually only a matter of time…and a lot more of your money.

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