Tucson Computer Stores Piss Me Off! Part 2

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Tucson Computer Stores Piss Me Off! Part 2

Last week I talked about some things that pissed me off about Tucson computer stores, including the use of illegal or mis-licensed software, the lack of communication between computer store techs and customers, and the lack of accountability for computer repairs due to the lack of notes taken by computer store technicians. While those issues are alarming enough by themselves, there are indeed a few more things that upset me. Let’s talk about parts.

Are You Getting What You Paid For?

It can be very difficult for most customers to tell whether or not a part that they paid for was actually replaced or not, much less whether it is new or used. In another manner, computer stores sometimes advertise a “new” computer for $200 that is either used, refurbished, rebuilt, or contains used parts. One simple way to keep computer stores on their toes about part repairs is to ask them to give you the bad part when you pickup the computer. However, without being able to match this information with the original manufacturer’s computer spec sheet, most customers would still not be able to tell. If you get into a situation like this, or simply need a second opinion, feel free to contact us for assistance. We will do our best to make sure that a computer store has not merely taken the easy way out.

Taking the Easy Way Out Instead of Troubleshooting

There are definitely times when a customer will visit a computer store and ask for the quickest and most affordable repair option. Usually these customers do not have any data that they need to keep and use few if any applications other than their web browsers. While this situation is one that would warrant the use of a quick hard drive wipe and re-install, it has only been directly requested a small handful of times in all of the years Xcentech has been in business. If this is the case, why does it seem that most computer repair stores tend to use this as the default method of fixing issues?

The answer is simply that it takes more time and knowledge to actually troubleshoot and find the true cause of a computer issue than it does to wipe a hard drive. Depending on the issue and the number of error logs, reboots, and time researching, the internal labor time can be double or triple that of a simple wipe. Still, most of Xcentech’s customers have told us that they would rather spend a little more time and money to keep from having to spend countless hours re-installing programs and moving files. Getting your computer back not only fixed but back the way you are used to using it is something that beats the alternative every time.

Put Things Back!

Sometimes, a re-install is necessary. If you have ever been the victim of a simple wipe and re-install, we can hope that the computer store had the common decency to at least offer data backup or data transfer services for all of your data files. Even so, you probably ended up with a folder on your computer containing all of the backed up files with no way of knowing how to put them back where they belong. These files are commonly items such as pictures, music, favorites, downloads, and stored e-mail and contacts for programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Thunderbird. Xcentech prides itself in making sure that most if not all files and settings are returned to normal if a re-install of any kind becomes necessary.

In summary, finding a reliable and reputable computer store is a lot like online dating. While there are many options to choose from, you would do well to research and find a true winner before going through unnecessary pain and frustration by focusing only on less important factors such as location, a catchy name, or getting a cheap repair. I hope that this blog has given you some good points of reference and has allowed you to make an informed decision when it comes to your computer repair needs. As always, feel free to let us know if you’re ready for something different in the land of Tucson computer repair.

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