Tucson Computer Stores Piss Me Off!

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Tucson Computer Stores Piss Me Off!

I know today’s blog may sound a little cranky, but I assure you that most people reading this who have had the common displeasure of visiting many local computer stores can relate in one way or another. Why so harsh? The idea for this article came to me quite by surprise today. Here I was thinking about something interesting I could say about computer stores in Tucson that would be not only helpful, but would eventually help my rankings. The problem I had was that it can get very tiring trying to come up with something interesting to say about a subject that simply infuriates me. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when the light bulb went off.

It’s always good to have a little venting session about the woes of computer technology and those who are supposed to be helping the masses with computer repairs. However, I am confident that if you are not able to directly relate to my pet peeves related to computer stores in Tucson, you will hopefully be able to avoid the agony of common misunderstandings. Perhaps focusing on computer stores in Tucson might seem to be ultra-biased or simply a keyword filler, but I feel it necessary to make the distinction since the majority of our clients stories and issues have happened in Tucson. Hopefully when enough eyes are opened, customers will be better informed and avoid getting ripped off or even into legal in trouble. Which leads me to my first pet peeve…

Stickers are for Sticking, Right?

With the number of computer stores rescues Xcentech has performed that have used stolen, misused, re-used, or invalid product keys, licenses, and other legal registrations, it is obvious that many techs are either not aware of licensing laws or they just don’t care. Of course, when a computer store tech puts an invalid license onto your computer, not only can this cause you to have to re-install Windows or other key programs in the future, you could get a nice letter from an attorney. Often proving what a tech did and didn’t do can be difficult because of my next pet peeve.

Notes, Notes, Notes!

It seems that computer stores these days are more about getting you in and getting you out, regardless of whether or not you know or even understand what it is that they actually did. It always felt wrong for us to give a client a receipt and ask them to fork over hard earned money with little more than “wiped drive” or “replaced drive” as a description! While we know that many clients do not want to know the technical intricacies of what we have done, we still make sure that there is an understanding and proof of exactly what was done and NOT done. This ensures that the customer gets their computer back exactly the way they were told to expect it and most of the time, exactly how they wanted it.

Let’s ASSume…

If I had a nickel for every time I have heard a client tell me “If I would have known…” or “if they would have told me that then…” it is very likely that I would have a substantial wad of change. In the IT business as a whole, and especially when dealing with the general computing public via computer repair stores, communication is everything. If a computer store is not willing to talk you through the process, and ensure your understanding, then grab the computer and RUN! Even though you may spend a little more time shopping around for a reputable store, you’ll add years to your life by eliminating the eventual stress.

Tune in to part two, where I will address common problems such as selling used parts as new and always taking the easy way out with troubleshooting.

If you need a Tucson computer store you can count on in the mean time, Call Us Now!

Happy Computing!

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